Veggie Pride Parade in NYC – “Give Peas A Chance”

10 Jun

Sunday, May 15th was a fun filled day for vegans and vegetarians (and a scattering of omnivores) in New York City. The fourth annual Veggie Pride Parade started in the west village as a mix of young and old lined up to start their march through the streets of Manhattan. They then took to the streets spreading the word about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and the impact of animal based diet on the environment, our health and the animals themselves.

On-lookers cheered, took pictures, and a few looked perplexed. Marchers chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Factory farming’s got to go!” and “Your dinner, my friend, led a horrible life. Change it all with fork and knife.”

Honey LaBronx – Vegan drag queen and chef 

Mia Faith – Thirteen  year old vegan blogger of Loud Vegan dressed as a “veggie dog”

Happy Cows

The parade ended in Union Square where 22 vendors set up shop, offering samples and vegan/vegetarian literature. The expo included Integral Yoga, Young Jains of America, American Vegan Society and F.A.R.M. (Farm Animal Reform Movement).

The friendly crowd enjoyed food donated by Whole Earth Bakery and V-Spot, while they listened to a bevy of vegan speakers. Dr. Michael Klaper, a 30-year vegan, inspired with his stories and with his message to “affirm life in everything you do.” He spoke about plant based diets in treating heart disease, auto-immune diseases and more. The doctor lists his patients as, “people, animals, and Planet Earth itself.” Dr. Michael Klaper called the vegan diet, “the diet for all reasons.”

The parade and all of the events were organized by Pamela Rice who is also the founding president of the sponsoring organization VivaVeggie Society. If you want to show your veggie pride and want to meet other veg heads, definitely join in the Veggie Pride Parade next year. I was proud to march and to be surrounded by so many ecology cool people!!


One Response to “Veggie Pride Parade in NYC – “Give Peas A Chance””

  1. Joan June 12, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Next year I will come in costume!

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